Want to lead WING? Call for expressions of interest due 31st March 2019

Women in Geothermal (WING) at WGC2015 (source: WING)
Alexander Richter 7 Feb 2019

After six years of hosting the Women in Geothermal (WING) Global Team, Andy Blair and her team in New Zealand are looking expressions of Interest from WING Country/Regional Teams that feel they are willing and ready to take on the role of the next WING Global Team.

In a post this morning, The Women in Geothermal (WING) have released a call for expressions to lead the “tribe” of 1,360 members. Here below the call.

Dear WINGs and WINGmen,

We have a lot to be proud of since we (WING) began at the GRC workshop in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2013. We are now over 1,360 members which makes us the largest single geothermal association on the planet!!!

For the last six years New Zealand has served as the WING Global Team, developing initiatives such as the Roadmap to Iceland, WING Documentary, WINGman Special Taskforce and many others. They’ve set up and supported all the other WING country Teams, provided advice and support to members. But more importantly they have built the infrastructure, branding, and strategy for WING, providing the human energy (alongside all you amazing humans) and leadership to get it to the movement that it is today.

Lots of great things have been achieved and we have seen a real culture shift in our global geothermal community – but there is still a lot of work to do.

The time has come for a new WING Global Team to lead the charge into the new decade. New Zealand will end its term as the WING Global Team at the World Geothermal Congress in 2020 and a new WING Global Team will take over the reins. NZ will support the transition for a 1 year period post handover and of course will still be a super active part of WING.

We are now looking for Expressions of Interest from WING Country/Regional Teams that feel they are willing and ready to take on the role of the next WING Global Team. This means setting the global strategy for the following 3 years, connecting and providing leadership, developing and implementing initiatives that align with our mission, and continuing the good work that has been done so far. This is your chance to have a positive impact on the lives of women (and men) working in our industry across the globe.

Please email us ( by Sunday 31st March expressing your interest in becoming the next WING Global Team. Please include the following:

  • Describe in less than 600 words your vision for WING and why your Country WING Team should be chosen
    List the names and short bios (1-2 paragraphs max) of your proposed WING Global Team members (this should be between 5-10 people)
  • Please note that this is on a volunteer basis (unless you can convince someone to support/fund your efforts), but the current global team will attest that it’s very rewarding. And it is honestly the most fulfilling work I have done to date.

Thanks to all of you out there pushing towards gender equity in geothermal – some of you are doing this just by being your kick-butt selves! Keep it up!!


Andy Blair,
WING Global Chair